What if I want my shutters made from a different style or different wood than you show on your website?

JPC Components can make almost any style or type of shutter and from most any type of wood.  We require a picture or diagram of the style you would like custom made.  That, along with an ongoing communication via email and/or phone with a JPC Components representative, is necessary to make your custom product a success.


Why are your shutters only made from pine, cypress, and cedar?

Pine, cypress, and cedar woods are readily available and relatively easy to work with, making it affordable for our customers while supplying a high-quality product for your home.

Although pine is one of the most commonly used woods for many building products, it will not offer substantial protection from rot and insect penetration if it is not well maintained with paint or stain. For this reason, we also offer our shutters in cypress and cedar. Cypress is a clear, white wood that will stain and paint like pine but offers a very good resistance to rotting and insects. Cedar is also a popular option with our customers and has a deep red look. It stains slightly different than cypress does but offers the same protection.


What if I need an arched shutter? How do I measure appropriately for that?

An arched shutter is measured in the same manner as a standard shutter is in terms of width. In taking the measurements of an arched shutter, measure up the outside of the window frame to get the short side measurement. In order to measure appropriately for the arch, measure from the center of the window at the sill up to the peak of the half-round window or detail. A JPC Components representative is happy to help you through this process if you have more specific questions on getting the most accurate measurement for your project.  Please phone or email us with your questions or concerns and we will walk you through it all step-by-step.


Can I install these shutters myself?

Shutter installation can be tricky unless you are skilled with exterior finishes and building practices. Typically, we recommend that you use an experienced contractor or handyman to ensure your product is secured and installed properly.


Do you offer installation of your shutters?

We offer installation of our shutters in any county that borders Metro Nashville Davidson County in Nashville, Tennessee for an additional fee. We also travel and install anywhere in Middle Tennessee from the Kentucky state line to the Alabama state line for an additional fee as well as travel and mileage conditions.


Can I paint or stain my shutters?

Yes! Our shutters are made to be painted and stained. The type of wood that you choose for your shutters will determine the type of primer and/or paint and stain that will have the best outcome. We advise that you consult with a painting professional or reputable paint store for available products and their recommendations on what will work best for the wood that your shutters are constructed from.


Why is there not an option to purchase already painted or stained shutters?

We have found that our shutters will sustain some minor knicks and dings during packaging, shipping, and unpacking. Some minor damage should be expected from the handling and installation process. Typically, after the installation of your shutters, some paint or stain touchup will be required. Our previous experience in the shipping of already painted or pre­-stained shutters is that there is even more damage to be repaired in the shipment process than the normal expectations of minor knicks and dings as described earlier. If the shutters have been painted or pre-­stained and then shipped, another related issue can be the matching of paint or stain in the necessary touchup process to what the shutter has initially been painted or stained with once it’s on site.


Can I schedule to pick up my shutters direct rather than having them shipped?

Certainly! Contact JPC Components for further information on pricing and specifics for direct shutter pickup.


Why do you not accept returns on your shuters?

Each pair of shutters are custom built per order and typically cannot be used on another window or within another circumstance due to dimensions and measurements that were cut and created specifically for your project.