What To Expect

When you place an order with JPC Components, we begin the manufacturing process by carefully selecting the wood that you’ve chosen for your shutters. Each shutter is individually crafted by each style and by your specific measurements. We glue each joint then allow each shutter to sit in a press for 24 hours for proper drying time. Once properly dried, assembly screws are installed on the back of each shutter to hold them rigid. After full assembly, each shutter is run through a sanding process and prepared for shipping. To hold customer costs down, the front of each shutter is fully finished while the rear of each shutter, which is typically never seen, is a mill finish. On the back of each shutter, there are counter-sunk-but-exposed assembly screws that are necessary in the proper manufacturing of the shutter. These screw holes can be filled and the rear of the shutter sanded by the customer if there is a need to fully finish the backside.


The total manufacturing process takes 2-3 weeks with an additional 7-10 business days for shipping. Your order will arrive via ground transportation (for example UPS or FedEx). Upon receiving your product, we ask that you open and inspect each shutter for any damage that may have occurred during the shipment. You will also want to measure each shutter to confirm your order was completed properly.  Contact JPC Components as soon as possible if you discover any issue with your shipped product.